So I’m going to ask y’all a question that was posed to us at revival tonight. God is great… but how great is he to YOU?

This really got me thinking. Do I limit God? Do I ask him for help, and then tell him exactly I want him to handle it? Yes. Yes I do.

I find myself asking God for help and for guidance and then limiting him on what he can do and how he can help me.

Have you ever asked yourself when reading the bible”Wow God did some awesome stuff back in the day, why doesn’t he still work miracles like that now?”?  I know I have asked that question… but do you think that its maybe our faith that is whats lacking and not Gods power?

Do you have the faith to step out and ask God for what you want? Are you willing to accept the consequences of your prayers? Have you considered that God maybe DID answer your prayer…. only not in the way you expected it, so therefore you thought he ignored you? Again, I know I have. When my uncle passed away in 2003 I wondered why God didn’t give him ( a very faithful, God fearing man) his healing that he just knew God was going to deliver, my Mom however never faltered in her faith, she just said that it was God’s will. Through discussion we have worked it out that God DID in fact give him his healing, it just wasn’t here on earth.

So when we pray, are we asking God to do HIS will, or are we just praying for God to do things our way.

There is a scripture that I hear quoted in church all the time, it says to “Lean not on your own understanding”. Meaning, don’t try to look at what you can see of the big picture and understand it, when God can see the ENTIRE picture and understand much more that you do.

I like the football analogy. You’re the guy who runs the ball up the field, you’re at the 20 yard line… You see a small opening, and its the only one you see, so you take it and you get the first down…. and you’re all excited right? But God is the guy in the Good Year Blimp, and he could see that there was a clear opening, all the way to the end-zone if you had just went left instead of right…

That’s the difference between Gods understanding and ours. I really think I should copyright that analogy by the way, but that’s neither here nor there… Why should you settle for a first down, when what you want is a touchdown? If My way gets me the first down but Gods way gets me the touchdown… I want God’s way.

That’s why we have GOT to stop limiting God. We have to pray. We HAVE to seek him in every decision. We have to look to him to guide us… and then we have to actually do some work too. He can get us the path, but we have to be the ones to run it down the field.

As we seek him, we should be asking what HIS will is for us, we should ask to walk in his will, in the truth of his word, and in the light of what he is. I want God’s plan for my life, and if that means I take a completely different path than the one that I have planned… so be it. To truly belong to God, I have to surrender myself. I have to become a servant of him and of what he wants for my life… and then, I have to listen and obey.

Sounds easy but its way harder to actually do than it is to talk about doing. So that the goal for the rest of this week and the rest of my life. During my prayers tonight I asked God to help me to stay in his will for my life and in his plans for me. Seeking him and submitting to him is the first step for me.


Thought? Opinion? Questions? Comments? Hit me up!

Peace and Love Y’all!

❤ Holly Lynn