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I’ve been MIA… — June 6, 2016

I’ve been MIA…

Hey yall!

Sorry Ive been gone… life gets in the way… we let things cloud our vision, and we lose focus on what really matters….

So I’ve had a very VERY rough couple of days… but not as rough as some other people in my life. I have never been too terrible at handling death, but when it hits close to home, I struggle a little more. When my uncle passed away in 2003, it was the single hardest thing that I have ever had to deal with. Friday evening, a close “extended family” member of mine suffered a stroke… and left for home on Saturday evening. Knowing that I cant be in Texas to hold my “family” and to help ease their burden makes me feel helpless.. but I am trying to focus on who he was, and what he meant to so many people. He always called me “Holy”… and I will forever cherish every single memory I have of this special and unique man, then, on Saturday morning, my God-mother also suffered a stroke, she is facing a long road of recovery, but her faith is strong.

So many times in the past I have asked myself why things happen… Matthew 5:45 tells us that  ” That ye be the children of your Father, which is in Heaven: For he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sendeth rain on the just and the unjust.”  I will never ever understand why things happen, but I have to trust God. I have to believe that things happen for a reason and that God will never leave nor forsake me. When I start questioning, I have to remind myself of Gods promises. I have to remind myself that the Lord is my comforter, and in him, I will know peace and know his comfort.

As is my usual, I have some huge things going on in my life, but I have to focus on the lord, I have to give my burdens to him… because lately they are too much for me to carry… but as our sermon this evening held a scripture that God made sure I was there to hear… Matthew 11: 30 “My yoke easy, and my burden is light”.

So thats enough for tonight. I pray you have peace and I ask for you to remember me and my families in your prayers. Thanks Yall! I will be blogging again more from now on.

Peace and Love,

❤ Holly Lynn


Everything happens for a reason… — March 29, 2016

Everything happens for a reason…

I have always been a believer of “Everything happens for a reason”. I was probably in grade school when a friend of mine said it to me, and it started to sink in… Everything happens for a reason… What is the reason?

Later, in high school, after losing some people I loved, I wondered… “If everything happens for a reason, WHAT on earth is the reason? Why does God let things happen? What is the point of loss and grief?

In my early adult years, I put myself through a lot… I was not the person I am today, and I don’t even know that girl anymore… But she was still trying to figure out the “reason” that everything was happening..

Now, many years later… I sometimes still wonder what God’s reasons for things are… but I know a lot more than I did before… I know that in every hardship… there will be a lesson. In every bad choice… there will( usually)  be a good story. In every bad relationship… there is a chance to learn about ourselves. For every bad thing that’s happened to me, I have 100 life lessons learned, advice to help council others, and experiences that helped shape me into the person that I am right now. As has been said to me lately… In death, there is new life.

God doesn’t allow us to go through things to hurt us. He allows us to weather the storm, because that storm makes us take deeper roots in him… I can tell you from personal experience that my Bible is the ONLY thing that has gotten me through my storms… that certain scriptures have been highlighted twice, underlined, and eventually memorized because God was helping me weather the storm.

Job (pronounced  Jobe)  had a wonderful life… and God allowed him to go through the storm, because he knew that Job was faithful to him. And what happened? Job’s life ended up being more blessed than anything he could have imagined.

We don’t always know the impact that one decision, one moment, one word, one day, one hello can make… We don’t always get to see the end result of our decisions….What if you knew you saved someone’s life by being kind? By smiling? What if you knew that you’d find what you’ve been looking your whole life for, by extending kindness? What if we knew the end result? Would it change our choices? Would it change our perspective? Probably so.

But we don’t know. We have no idea how much small decisions impact our world. But God does. When I asked God to come back into my life and fill it, and make it whole again, and turn it around…he did… and then….  everything fell apart. EVERYTHING. Everything came undone. He had to fix all the mess that I had made… but asking him back was the VERY best thing I have ever done in my entire life…. Letting God come into my heart, into my life, and have full, 100 % control, was the most incredible decision I will have ever made. I see things changing. I see things falling into place. I see stress disappearing, I see my faith strengthening. I see a happiness in my eyes and a glow in my face that I have never seen. And it is INCREDIBLE. God has my life… he is the Captain, he is in control… And I wouldn’t want it any other way… I don’t know all the plans he has for me… but I am going to take this life one day at a time, turn to God in every weak moment, hold fast to my faith with every breath, and know that no matter the end, my joy, my hope, and my rewards are found in my Lord.

So does everything happen for a reason?

I think so… I may not always know the reason, but God does… and that’s good enough for me.

Peace and Love and Hugs,

Holly Lynn ❤



Quick update… — March 21, 2016

Quick update…

So sorry its been a few weeks guys… With going out of town, My mom having surgery, both jobs getting crazy, an addiction to Pretty Little Liars, and my new boyfriend… I’ve been a lil crazed here lately.. and it doesn’t look like its letting up anytime soon.

So lets talk…

Why is life so crazy? BECAUSE I LET IT BECOME SO.

We forget that we CHOOSE what happens in our day to day lives… only here’s the thing… we don’t.

I have figured this out of the last few weeks… Whatever I plan… will ultimately completely get messed up unless I put God first and make sure that my plan intersects with his.

Seriously… the most mundane things… ARE TOTALLY out of my control.. I can “Plan” an outfit… but if the universe says “No” I will ultimately get toothpaste all over myself or fall in the mud or something… because God has a sense of humor the size of Canada… maybe bigger…

Anyway, I’ve been distracted… from EVERYTHING…. I have been working so much that I realized the other day I had 4 baskets of laundry to put away… some of it since February… So I lost a lil rest time… and got it caught up…But why am I letting WORK of all things take me from being face to face with my Jesus everyday? Because I worry about bills… have faith. Because I need to make a living… have faith. Because laundry doesn’t do itself, people who are in serious pain need me, dishes don’t wash themselves, and life is coming apart at the seems… HAVE FAITH.

Faith is such a little teeny tiny word that means so much. I have to have faith that God has my back. I have to have faith that I CAN do all things through him. I have to have faith that where he is leading me is where I’m supposed to be. I have to have faith in others… and I have to be able to step out in that faith. I have to stop “Finding” my faith over and over again and start KNOWING  its there… I should be able to walk up to someone and say “let me pray for you” when I know God is telling me too… I shouldn’t be worried that person will think I’m “Crazy” , I should know that when My God is telling me to do something big or small, that if I follow that feeling, my life will be better because of it.

What is God’s plan for me? I honestly have no idea… I know that it is nothing that I planned… they aren’t even in the same state… but I’m going with his plan… because unlike me… He has never let me down…

I know this post is a lil flighty…. but my thoughts are all over the place today… Maybe yours are too… if you can get anything out of this jumble… let me know because I hope it helps you… Its helping me just by writing it. I promise to start blogging once a week again…


Well back to work for me yall…

Love and Hugs,

Holly Lynn ❤



I have no idea where I’m going… — February 29, 2016

I have no idea where I’m going…


In life we are FORCED to make decisions. Some big, some small. Some that effect our meal for that moment and some that impact our entire lives for the REST of them.

Think about it. At 18 you have to pick a job. A career choice, and you, not being fully mentally developed yet, pick something, maybe it works out, maybe not. You grow, you change, and you become passionate about something else. Maybe this happens once- maybe it happens a dozen times. Maybe one day you just decide, “Hey I’m moving” and you go… just like that.

We are free to make decisions, but we are not free from the implications of those decisions.

Some decisions haunt us everyday. Some just for a few years, some make us cringe, and some make us laugh.

My point in all this jibber jabber is this. I DONT KNOW WHERE I’M GOING.

There. Its out now.

I don’t know where I’m going, I don’t know where I’m headed, and I have absolutely no idea how my life is going to turn out.

I have come to the conclusion that I am passionate about helping people. I also know that my heart is bigger than Texas and mission work is just not for me. I am not emotionally equipped for it. So how can I do God’s work, fulfill my “Gypsy” soul’s need to move, and help people who need it? I really don’t know.

Right now all I can think about is moving. back down south ( but not Texas) to where its warm and time moves a little slower. Is this what God wants for me? I don’t know. I’m praying, searching, taking my time and trying to wait on an answer from God.

So what can I do in the mean time?

Over the past week my family and I went to Atlanta, GA to attend a memorial for my Great Aunt Bev. She was an AWESOME lady, she loved and touched everyone she met. I am so fortunate to have so many people like this in my family that I guess I sometimes take it for granted. I forget that not everyone has been blessed with such a HUGE family that loves them so much. But her services got me thinking… how would I be remembered? How do I want to be remembered?

The first thing that came to my mind was laughter. I want folks to laugh when they think of me, I don’t care if its a joke, a story, a time I did something ridiculous, or if they remember me falling over something that wasn’t there… I just want them to laugh.

Next, I want them to know why I was here. I am convinced that the purpose for my life is Jesus. I love Jesus. I want others to love Jesus. I want Jesus to be the center of my world, the center of my relationships, and the center of everything I do. I want to help others find him and stay with him, and at the end of my life, I want people to be SURE of the fact that I am walking with him.

Other than that, I just hope that my life was used up. I hope that I experienced everything that God had planned for me. I hope that I was able to use those experiences to help others and to make others smile. I want my talents to be used up. I want every breath, every moment , every smile, and every tear to have had a purpose.

So back to not knowing where I’m going. I don’t. But I trust God to get me where he wants me. If that means moving, he’ll move me, if that means staying, he’ll ground me. If that means I turn purple and grow green hair, then I guess Ill have to seriously re-think my wardrobe… I just want to be where, who, and what God wants me to be.

So no matter what you are struggling with, no matter who has said you aren’t enough, no matter who has left you, no matter what challenge God is handing you right now, know that you are in his care, DEPEND on him, know he is there, and even if you cant see the rest of the road, know that wherever you are headed, if Jesus is with you,  you ARE going to win.

Love and Hugs and God’s blessings,

Holly Lynn <3,



It didnt go as planned… — February 22, 2016

It didnt go as planned…

This really should be my personal catch phrase.

Nothing in my life ever goes according to my plan. I would love to be one of those people who has a 5 year plan, a 10 year plan, a 20 year plan, but no. Here I am Bee-boppin through my life, trying to pretend like I’m an adult.

Last week was… interesting. I had been sick for 2 weeks, and last week it really came to a head and I finally broke down and went to the doctor, I ended up missing 2 days of work at one job and 1 day at another. So my Theraflu didn’t go as planned and I ended up spending 2 days in bed sleeping.  Then I went someplace new and had my hair done….. thinking that change is good sometimes… The result was orange roots with weird highlights… after Round 1 of trying to have that “Not hot” mess fixed, I’m sitting here typing this with auburnish brown hair. But at least I HAVE hair, and for that I am truly blessed, but still … things didn’t go as planned. So it really wasn’t a BAD week, just not the one ” I planned”.

I turn 30 in two days. And part of me is basically freaking out because HELLO, I’m thirty! I didn’t think I’d ever see this age ( don’t ask me why), and after the first few years of my twenties, I realized that only because of Gods mercy I actually lived through some experiences. I’m not freaking out over being older, I’m freaking out over what I’m “Supposed” to have done by my age, and all the ways I haven’t done it.

I mean I have to say that the brink of a new era has me seriously freaked out. It’s okay to mess up BIG in your twenties, its expected even, but what if I mess up now?

I’ve had to make a career change, and I’m still in the middle of it. I am not in a stable relationship, I don’t own my own home, and I’m not even sure of where I want to live… I cant commit to a lease for a year…. how are people married and homeowners? What if I do something I cant un-do? What if I follow my heart and move, and someone I love dies without my getting to say goodbye? What if I make a mistake?

I know that death, that mistakes, that problems are inevitable. I know that no matter what I do, something is going to go wrong. I know that we are not in control. And I know that I personally know the one who is in control.

How can I look to God to help me with the next chapter? How can I possibly face what “Might” happen? How Do I get past the “What if’s”? How do I stop NEEDING to be in control?

After some reflection I’m starting to realize that through every single mess up  or mistake or whatever you want to call it, God was there. I was NOT in control, and ultimately, God used those life lessons to help me. Here are some examples:

Death of a loved one: It’s taken me a while, but I realized that God needed him more. And that regardless of the longevity of his life here, he touched so many people and was loved so much, and he’s still helping people and still close to their hearts, so it doesn’t matter that he’s no longer on earth, his years may have been shorter, but his contribution was greater than some who have lived 100 years.

Texas: I met people. I forged friendships on my own. I changed. Some experiences change us so drastically that there is no going back to the person we were before. Though its taken me a LONG time to see it, I became stronger, smarter, more self reliant, and more resilient because of that experience. I bonded with people and still hold those bonds, not because the past isn’t over for me, but because love knows no blood line and no miles.

Delaware: I truly struggle with this one. Why was a big question. Why did this happen to me? Why are some people like this? But this situation forced me to depend on others, which is something I struggled with doing. It caused me to see who would really be there when things got crazy. It showed me that the bond between a mother and her daughter is one of the strongest in the world. It also kind of opened my eyes to EXACTLY how much my mamma loves me. Her protection and strength during that time was something I can never repay. It also taught me that I have true sisters that have nothing to do with blood.

Those are just three of the many life lessons that I’ve been taught … But Ive realized that every experience, no matter how bad, led me to something wonderful. God turned every mess that I created into a message that could be used to help someone else.

When compared to some, my struggles are nothing, and I am blessed for that. I sometimes feel like a brat because my struggle is NOTHING next to other’s, but they are mine. And I’ll own them. And I will use them to build up ANYONE who needs it. I will use them to show someone who might be facing something similar, that there are people who can help you, who can teach you how to cope, who can sometimes do nothing but hold your hand and help you up.

So no matter what questions I have about the future, and regardless of how many times I mess up in the next ten years, no matter how many times things “don’t go as planned”, I will hold my head up, I will smile though whatever life hands me, and I will put my faith, my trust, and my fears, and most of all my hopes, in the hands of the one who is truly in control.

Thanks for reading, God bless, Jesus loves you and so do I,

Holly Lynn ❤





God’s Patience… — February 15, 2016

God’s Patience…

This blog started out as something completely different, But that’s okay… Here we go….



God’s love and patience for us is everlasting:

Psalms 136

Psalm 86:15

Numbers 14:18

And my favorite:

2 Peter 3:9The Lord is not slow to fulfill his promise as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance.

So why is God SO patient with us? Because he loves us so much. He doesn’t want one human to perish( John 3:15), he wants all of us to come to him, to willingly submit to his will, and to love him as much as he loves us.

He sent his son. HIS ONLY SON. His son who was with him, living with him, in heaven, to become a man, a human man, who was tempted as we are, and still remained PERFECT in God’s sight. Then he allowed that son to go to the cross, to hang there, to die, to be ridiculed, and to take on the sin of the world, just because he loved you ( John 3:16) and to save you.

Because THAT is how much Jesus loves us( Luke 23:34). Think of the worst sin you can think of, Jesus had that sin cast upon him( 1 Peter 2:24). When God the Father looked from heaven to his son dying on the cross, he saw THAT sin upon his PERFECT son, He saw the sins of every single human that would ever live, on Jesus that day. And still, Jesus chose YOU. He CHOSE to die to save you.

And then, he arose from the dead. Death could not concur him, it could not hold him down, it could not keep him( 1 Corinthians 15:55-57). He arose and is our savior, our intercessor ( 1 John 2:1), and our redeemer.

Yet we still mess up. God knows us, and he knows our hearts. And he still forgives us, when we come to him with pure hearts of repentance.

Think about it like this : You have a puppy and it did its business in the house. How many times do you clean up that puppies business BEFORE you lose your patience? 3? 5? 10? 120? Eventually you’re going to get SICK AND TIRED of cleaning up puppy doo-doo.

But how many times do we ask God to clean up after us? How many times do we lay down at night and forget to thank him and praise him? How many times have we strayed so far from God that we only need him when someone is ill? How many times do you do something wrong over and over and over again before you FINALLY ask God to forgive your behavior once and for all?

Ill tell you a story about myself on that last question. I used to drink… A LOT. A lot more than I care to think about, yet I rarely had a hang over, and I never was able to sleep in the next day, regardless of how late I was out. I would wake up at 6:30 ish, and get straight into the shower, where I would cry. I would sit in the shower, disgusted at myself for getting wasted the night before, I would bawl, I would be convicted, and the guilt was eating me up inside. I repented over and over and over and over again, and I would feel great for a while, but then I’d get a call to go out, I’d go, and the whole cycle would start all over. I’m ashamed to admit this, and ashamed to say that it took 6 years of guilt to finally get me to give my heart to God once and for all.

I have often thanked my Mamma for praying for me through those times, because of her prayers, my very busy Guardian angel ( Who I have named Cletus by the way), and a forgiving, strong, and determined God, I was able to live though those times, when I probably shouldn’t have. I don’t miss that life and I wouldn’t take it back for anything.

There is a song that goes “over and over, again and again, God is faithful, over and over, again and again, through it all, He’s made me able, to stand and survive, to come through alive, when it sure looked like I couldn’t win, Jesus is with me, so I claim the victory, over and over, over and over, over and over, again….” I love that song. Because it speaks about Christ’s love for us.

I guess to wrap this up, I’ll say this. Read the story of the crucifixion in the 4 Gospels ( Matthew, Mark, Luke and John). It was something that I never liked to read. It hurts me to think about the way Jesus was mocked, and tortured and beaten and then killed, just to save me. But because of his sacrifice, we can all have eternal life. God’s grace is a 100% free gift, it costs us nothing. So pick up your bible, give your heart to God, and receive that free gift, today isn’t soon enough.


God Bless,

Holly Lynn  ❤

Me and My Pretty Mamma ❤
The Struggle is real… — February 10, 2016

The Struggle is real…


Oh how real…. So I lost my very lucrative, if not happy job back in September. Now I’m working 2 just to make it, but that it not the struggle I am referring to. I was able to work everything out so that I have Sunday off at both jobs, each week, but now I am a lil busier than I was before. I’m finding it hard to stay inspired to read and study my bible daily.

Anyone else find this hard?

Balancing Life, and jobs, and bills, and kids ( for other people), and all the things we ‘have’ to do. I’ve cut out Facebook ( mostly), but I’m giving that up completely for lent which starts today, But I’ve noticed when I get home from both jobs, I am tired… I want to shower, catch up on laundry and recorded shows and hit the hay… So how can we stay motivated?

I checked out a couple of blogs this morning and hopefully some of the tips I found will help y’all ( and Me!)!

  • Pray and ask God for help to stay motivated and to help you find at least 5 minutes everyday.
  • Cut out 1 distraction. No not laundry, I think we are going to have to continue that, But if you cant find time to READ your bible, let it read to you! I have an AWESOME and FREE Bible app that I use, and it will read out loud, and it uses very little data… I call that a win-win! Find it here it gives you an option to select a bible version and everything!
  • Be deliberate with your time. That text can wait ( unless its work), put the phone on silent and in another room if you have to and devote that time to God. ( My thoughts on this are that if we expect God to ALWAYS make time to hear us, we had better make time to hear him too, he is not a vending machine.).
  • Find a study buddy!
  • Read “The New wine is Better” … just trust me on this.
  • Find a free bible study in a blog.
  • Watch “War Room”… if you haven’t seen it, you need to.

Ya know, just writing this blog makes me want to study my bible more. I LOVE finding new things and sharing it with everyone who reads this!!!

What are some ways that you stay motivated to study God’s word? Let me know in  the comments or get in touch with me from my “contact me” section. There will be a follow up to this post and Ill include your suggestions!


Thanks for reading, Have a GREAT day, God Bless, and Peace and Love y’ all,

Holly Lynn ❤



Becoming Virtuous and The next chapter — February 5, 2016

Becoming Virtuous and The next chapter

Sorry folks, I haven’t posted in a while, life has picked up pace a little and I’m finding I have less time to blog. In fact, I’m finding that I have less time to do anything, but that’s everyone in this fast paced society that is the American culture.  So I’m back for a post, and since I don’t know when I might get another 30 minutes or so to blog, I am going to include a lot in this post.

Becoming virtuous:

As I finished up my study of Proverbs 31, I am realizing how RARE this woman is today. Who is she? Where is she? And how can I be a little more like her? Through prayer, study, and a willingness to submit to God’s will, I think we can all become a little more virtuous, and no matter how many of the qualities you possess, there is always room for improvement.

So lets look at her:

She is loyal. She is a homemaker. She is HARD TO FIND, she is precious, she has inner beauty, she works with her hands, she is RIGHT WITH GOD, She abides in her home, she does her husband good, she is resting at night so she can wake early, she blesses her family, she LIVES BY LOVE.

This my friends is a true LADY. She is standing tall in her Lord and she is honorable. She takes care of what is entrusted to her and she lives for God. This is the lady I want to be. I’m not married, but that doesn’t mean I don’t already have a responsibility to take care of my home and my family. to be a Godly example to women, to show my siblings what its like to love and honor God.

My favorite part is the “Hard to find” section. You can look almost anywhere and find a woman that isn’t being who God wants her to be, who doesn’t follow God when he calls her, and who ignores what the bible tells us about being women of God, but when you look around, how many women do we see living modest lives, truly loving God, asking for forgiveness of their sins, and turning their lives around?

Im still learning more about Proverbs 31, and I hope that God reveals more to me. I found this little chart that I thought was interesting. I looked up the scriptures and its all right there, a perfect layout for how women should and more importantly should NOT live their lives.



The next chapter:

Turning 30…

I’m living out the last few days of my twenties, and unlike when I turned 25 ( total melt down that year), I am SO excited for the future. Sure, I am NO WHERE NEAR where I set out to be, but life isn’t ever going to go according to plan. I look back at the last 10 years and I am truly amazed and what has happened to me:

I’ve fallen in love. I’ve moved across the country by myself, I got on my very first airplane, I discovered I have an adventurous side, I have faced death, I have lost friends, I have gained new ones, I’ve smiled, I’ve cried, I’ve fallen down to the point I never thought there was a way up, And I have risen to the occasion, I have made mistakes, I have been selfish and insecure, I have stood up for people when they couldn’t stand for themselves, I have fallen out of love, I have hurt people I loved, I have mended fences, I have strayed so far from where I started, I have lost, I have won, I have cried again, I have lost my way with Christ, and I have found him again. I have laughed until I cried. I have lost battles but won wars, I have discovered myself. I have learned to be exactly who I am. I have decided that earthly things don’t matter. I have been kind. I have been giving. And I have been redeemed.

10 years can be summed up in this sentence ” I have lived”. I am so thankful for what life has taught me. I look forward to the next ten years of memories, laughs, pains, and whatever else God has in store for me. I am thankful for the experiences of the past 10, but I hope the next 10 are A LOT less dramatic. So here’s to 30, and the life that comes along with it, may the next chapter of my life be one of Godliness and Happiness.


Well, I think that’s just about all I have time for right now. I hope you find this rambling blog a little informative and very genuine.


Thanks for reading,

Peace and Love,

God Bless,

Holly Lynn ❤





I cant help, falling in love with HIM… — January 25, 2016

I cant help, falling in love with HIM…

So, recently I embarked on a journey. I read a blog, I started thinking about the challenge it suggested, and I participated. It was about praying for your future life mate, praying that they may learn how to be strong in their faith, praying that they might learn to trust God, praying for their decision making skills, and so on and so on. I thought it seemed like a great challenge to try for two weeks, and if I liked it, I’d continue.

Today, as I finished my last day of this 2 week challenge, God opened my eyes to something. I was doing it wrong. I was doing it all backwards. I wasn’t stepping out in faith and thanking him for something that he hasn’t yet given me ( as the post suggested), I was once again, telling him what I think I he should send me.



Wrong, wrong, wrong! Stop it Holly Lynn! Seriously, have you learned nothing?

So now, I’ve been reflecting. It wasn’t really “wrong”, just not something I needed to do. If I trust God indefinitely, doesn’t that mean that I should trust him enough to just KNOW that if and when he sends me the right person, he will be exactly who God had in mind for me? Yes!  Should I not be praying for God to make ME acceptable to HIM and not some human man who will NEVER EVER come close to showing me the love that God does? Again, Yes! Should I not be striving and seeking God before anything else? Should I not first seek the Kingdom of heaven like Matthew 6:33 tells me? YES YES YES!!!

God revealed to me that I was not being obedient, I was praying for a man who might not ever come, and honestly, if he doesn’t, I’ll be ok.

I am already in love. I love God. I’m reading daily, praying constantly, and trying to be obedient to God, and that’s all the “relationship” I have time for right now. I want to grow that relationship, I want to fall head over heels in love with God and his word and his works. I want to praise him through every storm,  I want to listen when he tells me to be quiet, I want to have a closeness that I can not get if I am distracted. I don’t have time for distractions. I don’t have time for another man. I don’t have the time to worry about another man, I’m too busy falling in love with the only one who will ever truly be able to complete me.


When God is done with me, he might think that I’m ready for someone else to come in and help me through my earthly life, but if he doesn’t, I have to be okay with that. But for now, God is still molding me, he is still trying to teach me to be the woman that I desperately want to be. I’m not saying that praying for your future is a bad thing, but I trust God too much to try to tell him how to do his job…



Peace and Love and Lesson, God Bless,

Holly Lynn




Becoming a Proverbs 31 Woman — January 21, 2016

Becoming a Proverbs 31 Woman

Lately I have been studying Proverbs 31 and how to become a more Godly woman, the woman that God wants me to be, and how he has already given instructions on how to become who he wants us to be.


I found this yesterday and I thought about how it goes along so well with what I have been studying. So I asked myself.. “Do I have these characteristics?” some yes, some no, and some more than others… So I printed this out and posted it everywhere. In my prayer journal, on the side of the monitor on my computer at work, one for the fridge,  and a copy to be used as a book mark in my bible.

I want to constantly be reminded of the type of woman that I am striving to be. I want to be these things, I want to draw nearer to God, and I want my life to be used to glorify him. I truly have a desire to please god in every way I can.

In the study of Proverbs 31, I have decided to ask myself a very important question.

What qualities do I recognize and value in the true women of God that I know?

My answer? Experience in Gods word and his work through prayer, a positive attitude, a meekness, humbleness, a giving heart, a listening ear, a hug when its needed, BOLDNESS in their faith, a constant prayer life, True faith in God, supportive and Godly wife, mother who raises her child to know Christ and what it means to serve him, forgiving, and a woman who stands firmly on her faith and is immovable in Christ Jesus.

My next question was this ” Which of these qualities do I have?”

In all honesty, not as many as I would like. And fewer than I thought.

So the problem is this… How do I learn these traits? How do I grow in Jesus and become the woman that I admire?

Well, I don’t know the answer to that one yet, but God and I are working on it!

God Bless,

Holly Lynn

My Family and I 3 years ago in a photo for our Church directory! WOW! How the brother and sister have grown!