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Becoming Virtuous and The next chapter — February 5, 2016

Becoming Virtuous and The next chapter

Sorry folks, I haven’t posted in a while, life has picked up pace a little and I’m finding I have less time to blog. In fact, I’m finding that I have less time to do anything, but that’s everyone in this fast paced society that is the American culture.  So I’m back for a post, and since I don’t know when I might get another 30 minutes or so to blog, I am going to include a lot in this post.

Becoming virtuous:

As I finished up my study of Proverbs 31, I am realizing how RARE this woman is today. Who is she? Where is she? And how can I be a little more like her? Through prayer, study, and a willingness to submit to God’s will, I think we can all become a little more virtuous, and no matter how many of the qualities you possess, there is always room for improvement.

So lets look at her:

She is loyal. She is a homemaker. She is HARD TO FIND, she is precious, she has inner beauty, she works with her hands, she is RIGHT WITH GOD, She abides in her home, she does her husband good, she is resting at night so she can wake early, she blesses her family, she LIVES BY LOVE.

This my friends is a true LADY. She is standing tall in her Lord and she is honorable. She takes care of what is entrusted to her and she lives for God. This is the lady I want to be. I’m not married, but that doesn’t mean I don’t already have a responsibility to take care of my home and my family. to be a Godly example to women, to show my siblings what its like to love and honor God.

My favorite part is the “Hard to find” section. You can look almost anywhere and find a woman that isn’t being who God wants her to be, who doesn’t follow God when he calls her, and who ignores what the bible tells us about being women of God, but when you look around, how many women do we see living modest lives, truly loving God, asking for forgiveness of their sins, and turning their lives around?

Im still learning more about Proverbs 31, and I hope that God reveals more to me. I found this little chart that I thought was interesting. I looked up the scriptures and its all right there, a perfect layout for how women should and more importantly should NOT live their lives.



The next chapter:

Turning 30…

I’m living out the last few days of my twenties, and unlike when I turned 25 ( total melt down that year), I am SO excited for the future. Sure, I am NO WHERE NEAR where I set out to be, but life isn’t ever going to go according to plan. I look back at the last 10 years and I am truly amazed and what has happened to me:

I’ve fallen in love. I’ve moved across the country by myself, I got on my very first airplane, I discovered I have an adventurous side, I have faced death, I have lost friends, I have gained new ones, I’ve smiled, I’ve cried, I’ve fallen down to the point I never thought there was a way up, And I have risen to the occasion, I have made mistakes, I have been selfish and insecure, I have stood up for people when they couldn’t stand for themselves, I have fallen out of love, I have hurt people I loved, I have mended fences, I have strayed so far from where I started, I have lost, I have won, I have cried again, I have lost my way with Christ, and I have found him again. I have laughed until I cried. I have lost battles but won wars, I have discovered myself. I have learned to be exactly who I am. I have decided that earthly things don’t matter. I have been kind. I have been giving. And I have been redeemed.

10 years can be summed up in this sentence ” I have lived”. I am so thankful for what life has taught me. I look forward to the next ten years of memories, laughs, pains, and whatever else God has in store for me. I am thankful for the experiences of the past 10, but I hope the next 10 are A LOT less dramatic. So here’s to 30, and the life that comes along with it, may the next chapter of my life be one of Godliness and Happiness.


Well, I think that’s just about all I have time for right now. I hope you find this rambling blog a little informative and very genuine.


Thanks for reading,

Peace and Love,

God Bless,

Holly Lynn ❤





I cant help, falling in love with HIM… — January 25, 2016

I cant help, falling in love with HIM…

So, recently I embarked on a journey. I read a blog, I started thinking about the challenge it suggested, and I participated. It was about praying for your future life mate, praying that they may learn how to be strong in their faith, praying that they might learn to trust God, praying for their decision making skills, and so on and so on. I thought it seemed like a great challenge to try for two weeks, and if I liked it, I’d continue.

Today, as I finished my last day of this 2 week challenge, God opened my eyes to something. I was doing it wrong. I was doing it all backwards. I wasn’t stepping out in faith and thanking him for something that he hasn’t yet given me ( as the post suggested), I was once again, telling him what I think I he should send me.



Wrong, wrong, wrong! Stop it Holly Lynn! Seriously, have you learned nothing?

So now, I’ve been reflecting. It wasn’t really “wrong”, just not something I needed to do. If I trust God indefinitely, doesn’t that mean that I should trust him enough to just KNOW that if and when he sends me the right person, he will be exactly who God had in mind for me? Yes!  Should I not be praying for God to make ME acceptable to HIM and not some human man who will NEVER EVER come close to showing me the love that God does? Again, Yes! Should I not be striving and seeking God before anything else? Should I not first seek the Kingdom of heaven like Matthew 6:33 tells me? YES YES YES!!!

God revealed to me that I was not being obedient, I was praying for a man who might not ever come, and honestly, if he doesn’t, I’ll be ok.

I am already in love. I love God. I’m reading daily, praying constantly, and trying to be obedient to God, and that’s all the “relationship” I have time for right now. I want to grow that relationship, I want to fall head over heels in love with God and his word and his works. I want to praise him through every storm,  I want to listen when he tells me to be quiet, I want to have a closeness that I can not get if I am distracted. I don’t have time for distractions. I don’t have time for another man. I don’t have the time to worry about another man, I’m too busy falling in love with the only one who will ever truly be able to complete me.


When God is done with me, he might think that I’m ready for someone else to come in and help me through my earthly life, but if he doesn’t, I have to be okay with that. But for now, God is still molding me, he is still trying to teach me to be the woman that I desperately want to be. I’m not saying that praying for your future is a bad thing, but I trust God too much to try to tell him how to do his job…



Peace and Love and Lesson, God Bless,

Holly Lynn




Let me introduce myself… — May 8, 2015

Let me introduce myself…

Hi there!

I’m Holly and welcome to my blog! This is my first time ever doing this so I may not be the great at it. Also, forgive my errors, I do everything at an abnormally fast pace and I don’t always review closely.

Let me start by telling you a little about myself. I’m a 32 year old single female who has dated every flavor or variant of psycho on the market. I have a proclivity for getting into situations that no one else would, and somehow. I make it out alive. I love Jesus. I love Jesus more than I can say. As someone who struggled with faith in my early twenties, I am so relieved that he would come into my life and save someone like me. I’m a selfie queen. I have self diagnosed ADHD and I tend to do things fast (see above lol). I am extremely opinionated. I have struggled with my weight for a s long as I can remember, so we will be documenting that as well.  I live with Hashimotos every day. I struggle with issues, and problems, and I never feel like I have things all together. I have had a ton of life experience despite my age and I hope you find some of my opinions informative. Ill give you some details about me and hopefully you can do the same in the comments.

Life is funny and its better when you have an outlet to share that humor with. I hope you find my rants interesting, my stories humorous, and my life… well Ill let you decide that for yourself.

Thanks for reading and come back soon!

Mucho Love ❤