Hi there!

I’m Holly and welcome to my blog! This is my first time ever doing this so I may not be the great at it. Also, forgive my errors, I do everything at an abnormally fast pace and I don’t always review closely.

Let me start by telling you a little about myself. I’m a 32 year old single female who has dated every flavor or variant of psycho on the market. I have a proclivity for getting into situations that no one else would, and somehow. I make it out alive. I love Jesus. I love Jesus more than I can say. As someone who struggled with faith in my early twenties, I am so relieved that he would come into my life and save someone like me. I’m a selfie queen. I have self diagnosed ADHD and I tend to do things fast (see above lol). I am extremely opinionated. I have struggled with my weight for a s long as I can remember, so we will be documenting that as well.  I live with Hashimotos every day. I struggle with issues, and problems, and I never feel like I have things all together. I have had a ton of life experience despite my age and I hope you find some of my opinions informative. Ill give you some details about me and hopefully you can do the same in the comments.

Life is funny and its better when you have an outlet to share that humor with. I hope you find my rants interesting, my stories humorous, and my life… well Ill let you decide that for yourself.

Thanks for reading and come back soon!

Mucho Love ❤