My Mom and I love watching Pastor Mike Todd from Transformation Church on YouTube. We sit down in her living room, I work the Roku and get us some good new from Jesus. And we love it.

A few weeks ago we were watching the Sermon Series on “Striding, not striving”, and we were posed the question “Can you live with less?”. Well, this got my busy little brain going, and I’ve been working on cleaning things out, eliminating junk, going through life and trying to live with less stuff, and for me less jobs. But I’ve also been trying to add this to my personal and spiritual life as well.

Can I live with less? Less what?

Well, I’ve attempted to blog about 30 times… and it all felt like too much of me and my opinions and my life, and not enough of God and what HE has to say. So can I live with less of me and more of him? Can I live with less gossip, less judgment, less hatred, less social media, less of what I want and more of what he wants? Can I apply it to myself that I need more Bible time and Less Facebook time. Can I stop pinning and start PINING for Gods presence in my life? Should I walk away from places and people that pull me farther from what God wants for me and start holding tighter to those who make me accountable for my actions and keeping only those things which build HIM up?


We are taught over and over and over by today’s society that we have to be #1. That we have to be the best, that we have to show everyone who’s boss, that we have to be busy and focused on what the world wants and what it says we should have…. and all those things really do, is lead us away from the one who can supply our every need.


So for me, yes, less is more. I want you to look at me and say, I don’t even see Holly. I don’t see the person she was without Christ. I don’t see the sinner, the drinker, the angry woman who was once there. I see someone who is covered by Grace. Who is working on her life by becoming closer and leaning more on the one who made her.


Don’t look at ME. Look at JESUS.


So I challenge you. If you’re reading this, Stop what you’re doing. Breathe, pray, and take a break from all the distractions, replace them with Jesus. See if your life doesn’t change.


Love y’all!!!!

<3, Holly Lynn


(P.S. That Foxy 81 year old beauty queen is my sweet Grandma)